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Who is VLATUA?


Vlat who?..
"Stop pretending like you don't know me 🧛🏻‍♀️"


Yes, a bit egotistical. But who am I?

Vlat was born and raised in Sicily, a well-educated child of an aristocratic family. His wicked cousin, Vlad, on the other hand, was born and raised in Turkey, rumored to be a vampire and the child of a village chieftain.

During a visit to Troy in the 1600s, after weeks of adventures, he reached the coast. It was there that he encountered the 18th generation descendant of Helen of Troy, the 17th Helen. Their meeting would capture his heart with longing and love. Filled with hope, he embarked on his journey back to his homeland. As he looked into the mirror to brush his teeth before sleeping, he noticed a crimson liquid trickling from his neck, like a thin stream...

Weeks passed, and sleep eluded him. Eventually, he realized something was amiss when his skin turned pale as snow. Even after losing his entire family, he remained youthful and healthy. Time lost its meaning, and voices seemed submerged underwater. He locked himself inside his castle and surrounded its gardens with barbed wire fences...


~Turning Point ~

Years later, in the dead of night, Vlat jumped onto his boat and set sail, hoping to find Helen once again. He braved the raging waves, but an overloaded fireplace set his ship ablaze, marking the end of his voyage. When he opened his eyes, the scorching sun pierced through the trees, and he heard that voice...

"What's this fella doing in these scorching sands..."

When he asked where he was, he learned that he was in Çanakkale. Traveling throughout the country in search of Helen, he discovered clues that proved his vampiric existence for over 400 years. However, there was no trace of Helen...Yet, while searching for Helen, he found something more valuable. Before him stood warm-hearted people. He discovered the delights of cheese helva, Kars cheese, the Dadaş's civil cheese, Kurdish haşıl, and Syriac wine, and he fell in love with this land. He realized that he could never leave this place during that journey... However, everyone made fun of his European Turkish accent. He, however, took the Word Game Class in Boğaziçi University and graduated with an A+.

After graduation, he became intrigued by software development and created his first mobile application.

Describing Vlat would never end.

He may appear selfish, wicked, lonely, and unclean...

If he hears this, he might devour us. But his heart is as soft as can be. Once you get to know him, you'll love him.

For now, just see y..🦇

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